Unsurprisingly, we’re not whale sharks

Whale Shark Creative is a design agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. We work on good-looking solutions for smart-thinking brands. Since 2010 we’ve been shifting pixels, crafting graphics and developing strategies to best communicate what our clients want to say, in a beautiful way. With years of hands-on experience in advertising, brand, digital media, marketing, communications and social media, we’re set to deal with whatever creative solutions you need. Feast your eyes on our latest projects here.

Our services

Your brand is the face of your business. Our job is to create a brand that your customers want to see more of. We create industry-leading infographics, craft beautiful data visualisations, design fine graphics and provide expert communications and brand strategy. Over the years we’ve amassed extensive experience across a broad range of communications competencies, fueling our ability to devise the most fantastical creative solutions for your brand. Check out our full set of services below.


Mighty fine information design.

Graphic Design

People do judge books by the cover.

Data Visualisation

Show-off your impacts to the masses.


The digital darkroom.

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